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help in the development of future robots.The research has unlocked the▓ secrets of how some predatory spiders catch their prey ▓whilst hunting by successfully training a spider named ▓"Kim", to jump different distances and heights.Kim, a Regal Jumping Spider, was taught to jump on a ▓man-made platform in a laboratory environ

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ment. The team recorded the jumps using ultra-high-speed cameras and high-resolution micro CT scans to cre▓ate a 3D model of Kim's legs and body struc▓ture in unprecedented detail.The aim of ▓the research is to answer the question of why jum▓ping spider anatomy and behavior evolved the way it did. Moreover, the project used the improved understan▓ding of spiders to imagine a new class of agile mic▓ro


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-robots that are currently unthinkable using today's▓ engineering technologies.Dr. Mostafa Na▓bawy, lead author of the study, said, "The focus▓ of the work is on the extraordinary jumping capability of these spiders. A jumping spider can ▓leap up to six times its body length from a standing start. The best a human can achieve is ab▓out 1.5 body lengths.""The force on the legs at take-off can be up to 5 times the weight of the spider. This is amazing and if we can understand this biomechanics we can apply them to other areas of research," ▓Dr. Nabawy added.The results show that this particular species of spider uses different jumping strategies depending on the jumping challenge it is presented with.For shorter distances, Kim

preferred a faster and lower trajectory which requires more energy but minimizes flight time. This makes the jump more accurate and more effe

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